Sleeping With Sirens “Free Now”

I wrote this song for my father
Sometimes I feel he never gave a damn about me
Though he raised me like he should
Did he understand me? No, no, I don’t think so.

I wrote this song for my mother
She had to leave me, when I was younger
She said son, seek this life and keep an open mind
But in my mind’s eye…

…I am free now
Free to live without my fears
I believe now
There’s a reason why I’m here
It’s to try to do good
It’s to try to do better

Who will I be for my daughter?
This little baby, she means the world to me
Will I relive their mistakes?
Or do things the right way?
For her sake!

I am free now
Free to live without my fears
I believe now
There’s a reason why I’m here

Can I be a man?
One that understands
How to love more patiently
I am free now
I am free now.

And we dream of the day, when our kids can play
In the streets with no fear of being taken away
Fathers raise their sons with respect and love
Handle anger and pain with no need for no guns
If we hope to be free it takes you and me
To start over here and now
‘Cause this world is the way it is,
It’s how we raise our kids.

I wrote this song for my mother,
Wrote this song for our father
So hopefully we can come together
And hopefully make things a little better.

I am free now
Free to live without my fears
I believe now
There’s a reason why I’m here.

Can I be a man?
One that understands
How to love more patiently
I am free now

I Don’t Attract High School Guys, But Old Men Love Me For Some Reason

Tanaka from Black Butler
Tanaka from Black Butler

Yesterday my mom let my little brother and I go to Walmart by ourselves while she was at work–on a side note, I’m taking driver’s Ed this summer and I can NOT wait until I get my car!!!!! Anyway, we were in line at Subway, trying to count out our money beforehand when this older gentleman scooted past us with his basket. My brother, being the strong, silent type, totally ignored the guy while I apologized for standing in the way.

“It’s okay.” The man smiled and then did a double take. “Are y’all sisters–I mean, brother and sister?”

First of all, I must add, that my brother and I look scarily alike. He doesn’t look like a girl and I don’t look like a guy, but yet we somehow look really, really alike. Most people think we’re twins now that Ethan is taller than me, but he’s actually three years younger than me. Our voices sound alike too, because Ethan hasn’t hit puberty yet and my voice is low and soft most of the time. My grandma can never tell who’s talking when we call her, LOL.

My brother only acknowledged the old man to glare at him for his unfortunate blunder. I started cracking up, because…well, it’s an inside joke and my mom made me swear to secrecy. No fun. “Yeah, we’re siblings.”

He looked down at the stack of one dollar bills in my hand. “I take it you’re the mature one?” he asked.

“Uh…yes?” Because I’m older and a girl and in charge the of the grocery money today?

The man looked at my ignorant little bro and said, “You protect her, understand? You take care of her, keep the guys away from her, you hear?”

“Meh,” Ethan grumbled.

The man paid for his food and as he left, said, “You look so mature,” to me and then left.

What. The. Heck. Why do old men always come up to me?? For some reason, no matter where I go, old men always stop and talk  to me! When I was in Germany, this old man at Starbucks taught me how to  smoke a cigar (visual aid only) and told me all  about his daughter. The very next day, in Berlin, another old man at a restaurant scooted his chair up to our table and started telling me all about German history and what he knew about Americans. before he left, he told me that I have a nice way of    moving “My mouth when I talk”. Say WHUT?!

And when I was in eighth grade, my best friend at the time gave me a pin from AnimeCon that was an old man, Tanaka from Black Butler, an  anime series. Old men…sad, I can’t attract guys my age, but old men  love me … IMSOPATHETIC!!!!!


Which Dear Guys Cover Is Your fave? Poll

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The Liebster Award

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Thanks so much to Teaming With Books for nominating me… even if I didn’t find out about it until I wait onto her site to nominate her for a different award :)

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog!
  2. Give your readers 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you.
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  5. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees!
  6. I have to follow Teaming With Books’ special rule about recommending tea.

Ah, here are eleven not-so-interesting facts about me

1. A few months ago I met James & Oliver Phelps (Fred&George Weasley), and it turns out we look like siblings… It’s so weird they look exactly like they could be my brothers.
2. 1 out of 25 people is a sociopath… my boss thought I could be one until I told…

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My Summer Editing Program


I would love to edit your manuscripts!! I will edit or/and review ANYTHING, no matter the length, if it’s finished or not, etc. I will give you honest feedback. If it sucks, I WILL TELL YOU! Keep in mind, though, that I am NOT a professional in any way and also that it’s just MY opinion. Don’t get mad at me, please, for honest criticism, because I am just ONE fish in a sea of MANY! The only stipulation is that I do not deal with sex scenes or dirty talk. Cursing I’m ok with, but I will NOT edit or review if there is any graphic sex!!!!! So send your manuscripts in Word Document format to or to @icedmocha34 at

See my page for details.

What I Wouldn’t Give To Have This Job!!!!! Drool!


Paddy’s Day!

As well as being French and Italian (my nana is exactly half French, half Italian) my other grandma is Irish. Geez, I’m like a mutt. :P I may a mix of a lot of different European ethnicities, but I am 100% Texan! (Haha, I just realized that even though they say everything is bigger in Texas… I’m not even five foot, LOL.) Anyway, I love Irish stuff… like The Script and Dylan Moran… Here are a few of my favorite Irish things!!

I'm a wee bit obsessed with Irish bands... any recommendations?
I’m a wee bit obsessed with Irish bands… any recommendations?
Must admit, I love ginger guys... like Ed Sheeran... <3
Must admit, I love ginger guys… like Ed Sheeran… <3
Ardal O'Hanlon is a super smexy Irish actor/comedian. He was also the cat man on Dr Who, LOL
Ardal O’Hanlon is a super smexy Irish actor/comedian. He was also the cat man on Dr Who, LOL
I actually have this shirt, only it's white and says "I <3 Boys with Accents". I haven't had the guts to wear it yet....
I actually have this shirt, only it’s white and says “I
Dylan Moran!!!! He's probably my favorite Irish person, including myself, haha.
Dylan Moran!!!! He’s probably my favorite Irish person, including myself, haha.

That being said, everyone, have a great St. Paddy’s Day! “Paint the town green!!!!!!!”