This Story Got Me Into The Finals of the 2014 Junior Author Short Story Contest A Few Minutes Ago!!

“Making Faces” by Icedmocha34

“But you’re beautiful.”

My heart trips but stands back up easily enough. Yeah. Right. What’s one boy’s word against hundreds of others? They all say I’m ugly. What does he know about beauty?

I look into his emerald eyes, glinting like shards of broken glass on hot sand. His skin is flawless—he doesn’t even have a freaking birthmark! He doesn’t have dimples, but he doesn’t need them. Smooth cheeks suit him better anyway. Dark curls frame those cheeks, setting off his eyes even more, making him look like one of the huntsmen in the faerie books I read. And his smile…I could drown in it. It lights up the room. It’s beautiful.

I screw my face into an ugly mess. “Even like this? You call this beautiful?” I ask through smushed lips.

He laughs, takes my hand. His shirtsleeves are rolled up to the elbow, revealing his tanned forearms. “Oh, definitely.”

“And like this?” I make my cheeks puff out, eyes squinting. A strand of my mousy brown hair falls over my face, and he brushes it behind my ear lightly.

“Of course.”

I make another face. I like this game. I like this boy telling me that I’m beautiful, even if he’s lying through his teeth. Honestly, how can he call me anything but hideous? My complexion is pale and freckled, pasty. Hair: brown, limp, and always getting in the way. I’m not skinny or tall, not even a nice round shape. My fingernails are bitten short from nerves, my palms sweat too much, and I have bags under my green eyes no matter how much sleep I get.

And he calls me beautiful.

My face falls. I find sudden interest in my boots, realizing that I’m can even criticize my feet for being too small, too wide. He tilts my chin up. How can he touch me—this beautiful boy? I’m ugly; he’s gorgeous.

“I’m not beautiful,” I say. “Please stop saying that I am.”

“But you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you—”

“Please!” I jerk away. “Please stop lying to me!”

His hands fall down to his sides. “Why do you think I’m lying?” he asks softly. He points at the girl stuffing books inside her lockers, the one who had made fun of me. “How do you that she’s not the liar?”

“You don’t have two hundred other teenagers agreeing with you and cheering you on.”

“They’re just jealous.”

“Jealous? Of this?” I hold out my skirt and take a step back. “Look at this. Look at me.” Tears cloud my eyes. “Who’d be jealous of this? I’m fat.”

“No you’re not.”

“I’m ugly.”

He shakes his head.

“Stupid. I’m stupid. They all say so.”

“They’re all wrong,” he says. He takes a step closer and takes my hands again. My skirt falls back around my knees. “You’re smart,” he whispers against my temple. “You’re beautiful. You’re not fat; you’re just right.”

“You’re a liar,” I whisper back, staring into those gentle eyes. They aren’t the eyes of a liar. But what else could he be?

“Nope.” He twines our fingers. “I’m just not blind. Maybe I’m the only one who can see your beauty, but,” he smiles, “that’s all the better for me.”


“I don’t have to share you with anyone else. I’m selfish like that.”

My voice is caught in my throat. I feel my palms begin to sweat. Can he fell how clammy my hands are?

“Don’t listen to them,” he says, leaning closer. “They don’t know real beauty when they see it.”

Then he kisses me, and for a brief moment, I forget how ugly I am. When he pulls back to smile at me, I see how handsome he is, and I remember that I—I’m—

“Beautiful,” he murmurs, running strands of my hair through his fingers.

I don’t know what he sees in me. I don’t know why he’s apparently chosen me or why he won’t stop trying to convince me that I’m beautiful. Maybe he’s crazy. Maybe he really is blind. But when I look deep into those green eyes of his, I see only truth, and that makes me wonder. Wonder if I am what he says I am. He might not have a few hundred followers, but I’m betting that his heart is a hundred times as strong.

I reach out and cup his flawless cheek in my hand, watch as he grins wider. I tilt my head to the side, considering. “I just might decide to keep you.”

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Ohmifreakinggosh. I’m in the finals.  I AM IN THE FREAKING FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OUT OF 377 PEOPLE, I’M IN THE TOP 17 IN MY CATAGORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHMIFREAKINGGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear God – Promote Yourself


This is so beautiful!

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God 3  
Oh Dear God, please talk to me 

I’m not the way I’m supposed to be 

I know that time fixes everything 

But I wasn’t the girl I’ve turned out to be 

Oh Dear God, I know you’re here 

I’m afraid I’ll disappoint them 

That’s what I fear 

So You know exactly what I’m going through 

Oh Dear God, pleasetalk to them, there’s no one else but only you

Tell them not to scream at me 

Tell them don’t be mean to me 

There’s so much pressure I have to bear 

There’s no one to help, there’s no one there 

This pain is slowly killing me 

The hate has started to fill in me 

Oh Dear God, please tell them to stop  

They don’t know it gets to me 

Their screams are running through my mind 

And that’s when I give up, I’ll never be fine Oh Dear God , I’m  letting go 

Cause, they don’t…

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Do we place upon a pedestal the heroes of our time?
We sometimes make them idols. Do we think they are divine?
When they show that they are human, they quickly tumble down.
They lose that place of honor. They no more wear a crown.

They thought they were invincible – that they could do no wrong.
They took the road most travelled – they sang their own sweet song.
The accolades enticed them. Their greed did overcome.
They tested all the limits. To their pride they would succumb.

The only super hero that fills our every need,
Is Jesus, Christ our Savior. For our souls His wounds did bleed.
He gave His life to save us – from sin to set us free.
He conquered death to give us life for all eternity.

The superstars and champions may give us all a thrill,
But the Son of God won’t…

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HE LIFTS US UP: Guard Your Heart

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This is a message for teens and those longing for love…
please be aware of the increasing deception and  violence today. What you “see”, may not be what you get…

Many of you are longing
for the perfect one to date.
You look from place to place
hoping for your loving future mate.

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