Another “Guard My Heart Scene”

I like to call this one “Nipple Ring”. Have I caught your attention yet? :P


I never heard him come in later to check on me. I must have been sleeping. You know, you don’t hurt in your dreams. There’s absolutely no pain whatsoever. Nothing can hurt you there, but you don’t know that. That’s why waking up is such a beautiful relief. You can’t wake up from reality.

My head didn’t hurt so much in the morning, I was happy to find. I stood up too fast and fell back onto the bed from dizziness, but that was my own stupid fault. I told myself that it had nothing at all to do with my head.

There was a pile of clothes stacked on top of the dresser, and when I looked in the drawers, they were neatly filled with shirts and pants too. One drawer was filled to the brim with socks, underwear, and bras.

If I hadn’t been so relieved at the sight of clean, new clothes, I might have been mortified.

I changed into a soft blue t-shirt and skinny jeans that needed to be worn in. There was a hamper in the corner where I dumped all my dirty clothes. Good riddance.

A few pairs of shoes were lined up by the door, but I kept my purple sneakers. They had been through rain and snow, slobbered on by the neighborhood dog, drawn on with Sharpie, and accidently left on a train bound for Mexico. The purple canvas had faded to grey and there was a hole in the bottom of the left shoe. But they were the most comfortable shoes in the world, so they stayed.

There was a mirror in the bathroom. I almost didn’t recognize myself.

Vyn was right, I was deathly pale though my cheeks were flushed with fever. Throw-up freckles dotted my nose and cheeks. I don’t remember throwing up.

I left my hair down even though it was messy with pillow waves. Now that I knew I looked like crap, I didn’t really care. I didn’t feel good. Why would I look it?

Vyn gave me a worried-to-death glance when I sat down across from him at the breakfast table. “You could have slept in,” he said, frowning.

“I feel okay,” I lied.

I don’t think he believed me, because he gave a weird look, shoved his plate at me, and thrust a fork into my hand. “Eat it all,” he said, watching me with his dark hawk eyes.

I ate a tiny piece of egg. I had to force it not to come back up. My stomach was churning at the very thought of food.

I looked down at the plate, filled with toast, fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, and half a pancake drowned in syrup. There was no way.

I started pushing things around to look like I was eating. “So classes start today, huh?”

“Yeah.” Vyn fidgeted with his shirt, distracting me for a minute. “We have to be seated by seven. Twenty minutes.”

  1. Twenty minutes to fake-eat. Where’s a dog when you need one?

“Well, I’m excited for my first day,” I said a little too chipper. “I didn’t miss anything yesterday, did I?”

He squirmed again, tugging at the fabric at his chest. “Not much. I don’t think Magnus expects you to take the tests or do homework. This is probably his way of forcing the plan along, you know?”

Made sense. If I was stuck in a classroom with the boys for hours on end, I would have no choice but to talk and interact with them. Sly, Mag, real sly.

Vyn tugged at his shirt again. I set down my fork. “Okay, wiggly worm, what is up with you?”


I mimicked his movements. “You keep fidgeting. Your shirt too tight?”

He grimaced. “I think I have an infection.”

“What?” I leaned over the table, shoving the plate away. “Let me see,” I demanded.

“I can’t show you here,” he said, rolling his eyes dramatically. “Do you have any idea how weird that’ll look?”

I rolled my eyes right back, ever the drama queen. “Cause it wouldn’t look weird if you took your shirt off when we’re alone, would it? That would look even worse, genius.”

“Fine,” he shrugged. “Then I guess I’ll die of infection.”

Before he could protest, I reached over and yanked his shirt up. He swore softly. Before you get all judgmental on me, believe me, there was nothing at all romantic about this.

“Aw, sick!” I groaned, staring at the angry, puckered skin. “A nipple ring? Seriously? You were just asking for it. A nipple ring?”

He grinned proudly and looked down at his war wound. “Wicked, right? I did it last night.”

“With a needle and ice cube?”

He winked. “Just the needle.”

Oh, puh-lease. “Hope it was worth it,” I said, pulling his shirt down and sitting back. “You should see Dr. Hartmann, man. That looks nasty.”

He just shrugged.

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Em’s 50 Reasons to Smile (Every Second of the Day!) : )

I friend of mine in eighth grade always reminded me that “life is pain”. She told me that everyday, as we went through the familiar routines of Bible class and worship and chapel and church and going to a Christian school. I’d like to correct that statement:

“Life can be painful.”

But I don’t believe that life is pain. How can I? I look around me and even in the hot, dry, desert-y climate of Texas, I see unimaginable beauty. There are dark green trees and bluebonnets that sway in the wind, light blue skies and cows dotting the prairie hills. Sunrise and sunset. Thunderstorms and cloudless skies.


My friend Ana says that she wants to see the beauty in the world before she can’t, because there’s so much to see.

There are so many reasons to smile, so why frown? Just seeing love reflected in the beautiful eyes of your family should be enough. Just being reminded of the Cross of Christ and reading about how much He loves us, that should be enough. Here are a fifty reasons that I find to smile every second of the day!

1. Kitty cuddles                                                                2. The smell of fresh rain

3. Beautiful graffiti                                                           4. Homemade cooking

5. Decorated sugar cookies                                            6. Organized books on a shelf

7. Babies gurgling                                                           8. Cat whiskers on my cheek

9. Chocolate melting on my tongue                               10. Cowlicks in my brother’s hair

11. Hugs from my beautiful mother                                12. Sand between my toes

13. Scratchy sweaters                                                    14. Emoticons

15. Ugly Christmas sweaters                                          16. Foreign accents

17. British comedies                                                       18. Rain pattering on the roof

19. Cheesy love quotes                                                  20. Maple syrup

21. Flash mobs                                                               22.Popsicles

23. Chivalry                                                                     24. Leeland

25. Country music (Y100)                                               26. Cereal with a lot of milk

27. Little-kid cartoons                                                      28. Reruns

29. Millions of stars in the midnight sky                          30. Starbucks Coffee

31. Ugly stuffed animals                                                 32. Reading an amazing book

33. The changing of the seasons                                   34. Dumb YouTube videos

35. Cheesy pick-up lines                                                36. Old people holding hands

37. Old couples arguing                                                 38. Hot bubble baths

39. Shopping at La Cantera                                           40. Nerdy glasses

41. People wearing tails                                                 42. Suntan lotion

43. Discovering old movies and bands                           44. When people nod off in public

45. Watching little children eat                                        45. Babysitting

46. Reading inspirational stories                                     47. Positive, encouraging, more music–KLOVE!

48. Cold concrete                                                            49. Comfort food

50. Googling “things to make you smile” :D

Or you can go to this WordPress site…

Outbound Experience


Come help us serve our city with one epic service project event on Saturday, November 22nd from 8am-12:30pm! We have many projects to choose from, even kid-friendly ones. Invite your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and sign up for one of the projects.




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(I love each and every one of you.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that God’s loves you so much more.  And His love that He expresses through Jesus, is sweeter than any candy that your kids will get tonight! Have a great weekend. :)♥

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I Lied. Sorry.

So it’s Wednesday, and here I am, finally posting. I’ve been super-duper busy lately, so I’m sorry for lack of weirdness. :P

It’s been a pretty crappy day. Please pardon my…unhappiness? Don’t you hate it when you have really sucky days, and then have to go to church right after? I hate that. Being on SLT, we’re supposed to be cheerful, I guess. It’ll be kinda hard today.


1. Keep your eye on this website and sometime in the next two weeks or so you shall see my short story “Overkill” being posted. It won first place at the Conference’s Fictional Short Story. Unfortunately, I did not win the big prize with “Making Faces”, but I was in the top eighteen! *tries to be grateful*

2. I’ve been going with my mom to work every day this week. Her shifts are usually from six to two-thirty, so I bring a huge backpack of workbooks and do my school. Starbucks has free WiFi, so I get to fool around on my stupid tablet thingie for a few hours before I finally give up on my technological abilities and just read. And watch people. I’m creepy like that. This week I wrote, like, fifty pages of Guard my Heart. That made me sooooooo happy!!! :D

3. One of the regulars at Starbucks, Nick–this really, really nice man–recommended this website to me, and it’s really awesome. It’s like an online tutor. They post YouTube videos of ever stinking subject in the world, and it actually makes sense. You should check it out, even if just for fun. Nick’s son, who’s in university, still uses it.

4. Thank you to GossipwithaK on Wattpad for liking “The Invisible Girl” so much!! She commented about how great that story is and then followed me!!! *happy dance*

5. I made a new friend at the SLT meeting on Sunday, and she says she might homeschool soon since she hates her school. Can’t really blame her. Most of the people I know from James Madison are jerks.

6. I got a cute polka dot skirt to wear to impact tonight. Doesn’t match my t-shirt at all, but it’s cute.

7. It started raining a few minutes ago. It’s done now, but it was nice while it lasted.

8. Ethan made me tea. *slurps*

9. I read the last High School Debut the other day. Not a good thing. Just thought I’d mention it anyway. It made me sad, cos that’s my favorite manga, and now it’s over. *sigh*

10. I have a new Boyfriend Acquiring Plan (that most likely will fail in epic proportions, but I’m willing to give it a try. Update on that later.)

Have a great fall, everybody. And don’t forget to check out the website for my story!! <3